Dunya affairs

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Caught in dunya affairs
Of akhirah no one cares

Hooked to the politics
Worried about economics

Islamophobia rampant
Humanity dampened

Crushed souls
No vision of goals

Caught in dunya affairs
Of Akhirah who cares

Health gurus and glued
To body needs n good food

Soul nurturing irrelevant
Dunya and dime we navigate

No value or need for
Eat less pray more

No vision no recourse
Wait for the remorse

Just be caught in dunya affairs
Wait when the fire flares



Mind the Soul

بسم آلله الرحمان الرحيم

* وَٱلۡكَـٰظِمِینَ ٱلۡغَیۡظ
ََ وَٱلۡعَافِينَ عَنِ ٱلنَّاسِۗ
وَٱللَّهُ يُحِبُّ ٱلۡمُحۡسِنِينَ

wal kadhimeena al ghaidh –
wa aafeena an nin naas
wallahu yuhibul muhsineen
Sura Aal-E-Imran, Ayah 134

Mind the Soul

mind the soul
to keep you whole

serving the Creator
will make you greater

Peace reigns
relationships gain

egos abdicate
kindness cultivate

reach for depths
watch the breaths

anger rein in
hide it n feign

those who:

restrain their anger *
forgive others, are tender

Allah loves them
for their benevolence
as people of excellence

in Zikr they be
from acrimony they flee

souls find comfort
knowing days are numbered

yearn for a higher goal
nurturing the soul

Allah they please
it becomes a breeze

from the depth of their being
it’s always Allah they are seeing

may we aspire to be
those who of dunya are free

in our hands it be
keeping our hearts free

reserved for the Loving
serving with longing

we can do it
if we mind our soul
and remember our goal
13/9/19 pre fajr




Ya Allah

Is it a blessing to see kufr

Is a blessing to see lack of salaah

Is it a blessing to witness indifference

In it all there must be an element of shukr


The negative highlights the positive

Gratitude for sensibility to deal with insensitivity

Careful about humility – away with kibr

So easy for arrogance to creep in


The ego forever bouncing out of turn

More powerful than 70 shaytan

The only option for a Mumin

To be in sabr or shukr


Be thankful in the face of kufr

Hold firm to the blessings of iman

Know blessing abound all around

Pray for the vision that makes that clear


The blessings of living between hope and fear

To keep one on track – never derail

Aim for the siratul mustaqeem

Make sure we don’t fail


Blessed to be born muslims

Striving to be mumins

Hoping to reach the mukhlis

Be in company of the Mukhlas


Blessings infinite all around

The ink will dry the pen consumed

Endless refills, never enough to detail

The universe filled with blessings


Every day has new moves

Discover new joys new truths

Blessings in the sorrow

Blessings in each tomorrow


May we be blessed with the basira to see

May we manage to keep rancour at bay

In the end see the mercy in grief and anger

Channel it appropriately to strengthen iman


Let the haqq seep into the very marrow

Yaqeen in qada wa qadr be confirmed

No dodgy wishy washy faith

Taking us down dead alleys and trails


Let our faith be confimed by action

Refrain from retaliation and reaction

The blessings of what is on our plate

Be always apparent, a beautiful state


Ya Rabb to present to you in Akhirah

May we look forward to the day of Qiyamah

May we be assured our place in jannah

May we see blessings in everything – the Rahmah


© Najma Ansari

8 June 2006 Johannesburg


The inner eye

Oh for the inner eye


To see my tummy as it churns 

all that I eat, drink and burn

what creates a sludge 

what gets flushed 


if  I had the inner eye

I’d watch what I take in

what I eat and when I eat

oh for that inner eye 


If I trust the doc I’ll know 

what’s going on even though

it is from the unseen 

Somewhere I haven’t been


I’ll trust and I’ll abide 

what to take what to avoid 

 why then the Creator, I don’t hear  

of the unseen don’t take care


my inside is as hidden 

as the ghaib in the sky

if the insides function 

though I cannot see


why is it so hard to believe

of what’s beyond death

the writing is on the wall

see the earth thru spring and fall 


I can’t see – why oh why

oh for the inner eye

my heart does sigh

Baseera for the unseen 


 1/7/19 Jhb



Destination Qabr

Destination Qabr

Ya Allah I pray
my bones and core
be drenched in dhikr

as they disintegrate
turn to dust – they emit
the fragrance of dhikr

as my insides melt away
become one with the earth
may it be infused with dhikr

At destination Qabr
may my body decompose
from every pore emit dhikr

Let the fragrance
of tawhid flow
let the earth mellow

Welcome my body
enfold in homecoming
with a breeze of jannah

I pray Ya Rabb
my destination in Qabr
Is warm and welcoming

A glimmer of hope
of my subsequent end
beyond the barzakh bend

For iman I pray Ya Allah
Giver of falaah
beyond doomsday

19/5/20 Fajr
25 Ramadhan 1441